Friday, May 6

MS is to Blame

I don't know about anyone else, but anytime something out of the ordinary happens to me without warning, my 1st thought is always "what this the MS doing its thing!" i always do it and i'm sure that the MS doesn't think it's fair, but it is what it is...

the Vertigo kicked in on Sunday nite with a vengeance...i went to the MS Center Monday morning.  There i was told that it was vertigo, but if it happened again, i must come back in to make sure that there wasn't anything else going on...well, by Wednesday, things had gotten worse and i could take it no more!  I called the MS Center and got an appt for 11 that morning for an MRI.  By this time, all the worst scenarios were swimming around in my head.  Stroke, brain bleed, the works...The MRI was done and i was able to get on the same person's schedule whom i'd seen when i went in on Monday.

The results were in - i braced myself!  
She walked in and said, "well Stacey, i have good news - ur brain looks fine; we have no problem there.  The bad news is that you have a severe sinus infection - actually the worst i've ever seen."  
wait a minute...a sinus infection?!!?!?  

that is what is causing me to be dizzy, throwing up and has me feeling the absolute WORST i've felt in a long time????  Unbelievable!!!  it appears that the blood that pooled and formed the bruise under my eye (from the fall), pooled in my sinuses causing the infection.  It was cause for celebration, if u ask me, because everything was "fine" - she prescribed drugs (i have NO problem taking drugs) and today FINALLY, i actually feel like I'm on the mend.  

I still blame the MS...had it not been for MS, i would not be going to PT, i wouldn't have been weaker last week Tuesday, i prolly wouldn't have fallen and wouldn't have a bruise (black eye) so there wouldn't have been any pooling of blood in my sinuses to cause the infection!!


  1. I think we're all prone to the worst case scenario-ing...My new slogan "Wait to Worry"! I procrastinate with everything why not with worry...why do we worry in advance?? LOL...

    Glad all is well and on the mend!!
    See you soon fren

  2. Sorry to hear of you fall relieved to hear that you are okay now. I get vertigo when ever I get a sinus infection. The problem is I don't often know when I have a sinus infection sometimes there aren't any symptoms. The next thing I know I look up or down at work ( because of course embarrassing shit never happens when your ass is comfortable in the privacy of your own home does it?) suddenly I'm vomiting and falling down at the same time. Fun right. So now as a precaution I always keep my vertigo meds with me at all times.

  3. well u know Wizzy, i am the same way about the sinus thing...I have been sneezing and sniffling ALL MY LIFE!!! so the fact that my left nostril was a little stuffy was no big deal to imagine my shock when she told me that i had the worst sinus infection that she'd ever seen!

    it would be too simple if the embarrassing shit happens at home...LOL