Thursday, January 14

A Jokey Story

I have the ability to laugh at myself.  Again, if I don't laugh, i'll I have to tell this story.  In the post before my birthday, I mentioned that i was off that Friday because the crew was going to be headed to the mountains - as an aside, we never made it to the mountains because of the weather here in GA that weekend (snow and ice cyah done)...steups, BUT we made the best of it and it was a good weekend nonetheless.  Anyway, I had BIG plans for the Friday because i had a lot of errands to run before we headed up there.  Woke up early, took G to work and headed home to get started. 

We live in a 9-unit townhouse structure with a shared driveway, which is where we can park.  So i get home and pull into my spot, open the door and as i place my left foot on the ground, i realize that it's on a big patch of ice.  hmmmm, but i'm a woman on a mission, so i figure if i hold on to the door for leverage, i'll be okay right?  WRONG!!  As i pushed up out of the car, i slipped and buss meh ass right in the parking lot.  OYE! 

No biggie, I'll just get up and move on...well the problem with that was it was such a big patch of ice that no matter how much i tried to get up i kept slipping right along.  So by now, i was laughing so hard because i couldn't believe this pickle i was in.  Then, i had a thought...gosh i hope noone is looking out their window and seeing this.  Same time, i hear my neighbour's garage door opening - GASP!  By this time I have edged over trying to get past the ice, so she runs over and as  i get into the SNOW (yes in Atlanta) she helps me up.  K, who was inside the house at the time came flying downstairs just about that time and she too, slides into the car as she was trying to get my stuff that was left behind - luckily she didn't fall too!  We get inside, laugh my ass off, WARM my ass off and the day continues....remember I'm a woman on a mission.

About 2 hrs later, I decide to go to the bank.  I pull up in the parking lot and as i put my left foot out, it slides so i realize that i'm by a patch of ice AGAIN.  I say to myself, "Stacey, falling down in the parking lot outside ur house is one thing, falling down on ice in the bank parking lot is a whole 'nother story!!!"  So, i put my foot back into the car and move to a dry spot.  I get out the car, lock the door (i always forget to do that) and was so proud of myself for doing the right thing.  I'm on a mission...i took 2 steps to make my way into the bank and TRIPPED over the fleckin pavement!!!!  FELL DOWN AGAIN!!  My phone went flying one handbag the next.  i couldn't believe it.  What the?!?!?!?  This time, fortunately, i was able to get up, no problem.

I have good news - no broken bones, no casualties - I am fine and this time tho, as far as i could tell, no-one saw a thing :-)


  1. First off...ah real gald yuh eh hurt yuhself. Second off...LMAO!!!

  2. Well I too am gald the end of the story is still a good birthday lime, but you paint a very funny picture!! Even the title made me smile!

  3. Still laughing(with tears btw).....think this is a post I can come back too over and over anytime I need a good laugh......

  4. OK, women on a mission and your wonder woman friend "K" who comes flying out the door to save the day. This story sounds like a scene out of a movie. Oh my, lol ten times on this one. You should get an Oscar and "K" should get an oscar for supporting actress, lol!

  5. Hi Stacey,
    Great story glad you were not hurt.

  6. LOL!!! this is still funny a month or so later!! :)