Monday, January 24

good grief!

have i ever mentioned that i hate having ms?  i do!!

so i got some new boots.  they are cool and they are tall boots with no zip so i have to pull them on and off as i go.  This morning i had an appointment with the devil (my dentist); i put on the boots and off i went.  i got back home and needed to take them off so i could walk around with ease in the house.

i'm not sure if i ever mentioned before but the left side of my body is my probelm side.  Everything always happens on the left side

  • the first sign that prompted me to go to a doctor that eventually led to my diagnosis was twitching of my left eyebrow
  •  the vision of my left eye was off 2 years prior to my diagnosis, 
  • my left foot would drag more etc etc - 

and in general, it's weaker than my right.  Well i go to pull off the right boot with my left hand this morning and NOTHING.  the blasted boot would not budge.  Try as I might, I couldn't, for the life of me, find the strength to pull off the boot.  WTF????  i'm heading out later - i had visions of having to keep the bloody thing on until i returned and then ask my friend to pull it off for me before i go in the house.

well my persistence finally paid off; i was so determined to get the shit off - someone from my past always used to say "persistence is the key" I finally i was able to get it off and pelt it way.

Did i ever mention that i hate having MS???  i DO!!!!

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