Wednesday, January 5

Thank Goodness

I am tired of napping!  i mentioned before that I'm on 2 sets of muscle relaxants for Spasticity.  they both cause drowsiness so about an hour after taking them the drowsiness knocks me for 6 and sometimes it's completely embarrassing.  last week, I went to the dentist and actually was falling asleep in the dentist's chair! - i just couldn't help myself!!  WTF???

Now i didn't start taking them at the same time, so I know that my body is used to the 1st one (that caused me to be sleepy at first and then soon after there was no effect) - it was when i started the 2nd one that i just started getting so sleepy that i couldn't help but go to sleep even if for a short time (once it was during the week at work, i put my alarm to go off in 7 mins and i swear that it was the best 7 mins of my life, i woke up COMPLETELY refreshed) - but alas i can't afford to that everyday.
This looks just like me when i took that 7 min. nap

I called my doctor's office yesterday and told them that something had to give because the drowsiness is not going away.   I was so happy when the nurse called back and told me that i can cut out the dose that i take during the day, but i should keep taking it at nite.  I have no problem with that because nite time is time to sleep anyway - unless i have to be out, then i'll have to deal somehow.

I cut out the dose this morning and no glazed over eyes, no sleeping, no napping - NOTHING!!  Hopefully, the dosage of that medication was so small (2mg 3x daily) that it won't make too much of a difference my NOT taking it as often.


  1. OK U MUST BE CRAZEEEE....who is ever tiredof napping...DANG. send dem drugs my way puhllleeezze.

    a a buh how dat couch look like Tiger


  2. tha'ts why this picture is so very appropriate :-)