Monday, January 17

Smuggler's Cane

I used it yesterday/last nite...not in its entirety - there was nothing in the flask; i was going to a restaurant - but using it is more work than the others because of the "handle" or lack thereof.  Before G2 bought it we discussed my being able to use the cane because of its handle and we figured that if I couldn't use it she would try to change it.  All the canes i've used have a "L shaped" top; this one has a knob (there are actually proper names for the different handle tops, but i won't bore u with those details).

We figured, correctly so, that it certainly would be a different experience.  It was - it's much more work.  I guess i never realized just how much i rely on that little "handle" part of the other canes, but i do...i won't go as far as to say that i can't use it, but i actually have to be conscious of the fact that i have to lift it off the ground.  I don't drag the others (i don't think) but if I don't lift this one up entirely it will fall flat and we definitely don't want that to happen...

suppose the flask inside doesn't survive - GASP!!!

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