Thursday, January 20

Ah Shit!

Wednesday was not a good day.

i actually had a few thoughts of "if I continue to walk like this, I'm not going anywhere anymore"... it was really not good.  I even decided that maybe i need to contact my neuro and go back on that other drowsy medication 3x a day and was trying to figure out how i could take it without it's interfering with my life too much.

Anways, in the midst of my wallowing my alarm went off at 4pm - it was time to take my afternoon sets of pills.   I opened my handy dandy "Wednesday" container and what greeted me?  every single pill that i was about to take as well as those that i was supposed to take at 8 AM!  ugh!!!!  is this y i was having such a hard day again??  i remember it'd happened before...i took the 4:00 dose and went on about my business.

Later that nite, at 8pm, the alarm went off yet again for that round.  I took out the container and what did i find?  i'd taken the 8:00 tablet at 4!!!  WDF????  where was my mind yesterday?  i guess in my confusion about realizing that I hadn't taken the morning pills, i didn't really think about what i was doing at 4???  who the hell knows! was too late by then to do anything about it and I had to just chalk up Wednesday as a lost cause and move right the hell along to Thursday

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  1. lol! I like that- "move the hell along to Thursday". What else you go do!