Wednesday, January 19

Side Effects Again

I don't think I will ever stop talking about side effects!  lol...

so for a long time i've been feeling a tickling sensation in my throat and each time it happens i have to cough to try to get past it.  it wasn't really making sense to me why it was happening and just out of the blue for no reason, but hey, i just chalked it up as 1 of those mysteries of life.  G kept saying that it was the damn MS doing something but this time i actually wasn't convinced.

1 of the tablets i take is mailed to me and it always comes packaged with the drug facts and information etc.  They say u should read it each time and i do for the most part but never really put 2 and 2 together until a couple months ago.

One of the side effects is:
irritation in your nose and throat!

well hell!  that must be it's really odd, it's not painful but it feels like a small piece of hard plastic just stuck there and i have to cough to get rid of it.  Doesn't happen a whole lot, but of course, it's good to finally have an explanation.

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