Wednesday, January 12


I'm so tired of this cold weather and snow and ice and...but

I eh go lie, living in Atlanta is not too bad; it has its perks...5 inches of snow and the city has been shut down since Monday.  Of course I can't take advantage of this snow week because I work from home, so things are just normal for me.  I havent left this house since Saturday and I can't imagine that i will until Friday.  Have to go to my infusion (WOOHOO!!!) , but will probably need to leave now to get there on time (what with all the closed interstates, accidents, people who cyah drive in rain - far less for snow)

I'm seriously thinking of celebrating my birthday in May instead of now.  Accept all birthday wishes on Jan. 10th, but celebrate in warmer temperatures.  This is the 2nd year in a row that Ive had to cancel plans because Mother Nature had other plans for me - but things could be worse; i certainly am not complaining...I'm just saying...

anyhoo, hope everyone out there (in the US) is safe in this awful weather and keeping warm - Stax out!

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