Wednesday, March 28

Bout of Depression

had a lil bout of depression last nite.  I normally work out at a gym (i've actually changed from Reggie and the old gym), but last nite long story short, i had to stay at home and workout.  Now, working out in the gym and working out at home of course are 2 completely different things and i definitely prefer going to the gym.  Anyhoo, so by the end of the hour, i was completely frustrated because "easy", "simple" things i just couldn't do or was completely struggling to do.  you know how hard it is to bend your legs when all they want to do is remain straight????  ugh!! 

so my trainer left and i went to lock the door behind him and went down (yup, numero cinco).  I moved my left foot to take a step and it kinda caught on the tile so i ended up taking a half step instead, only my body and i thought i was taking a full step so i ate tile.  i remember grabbing at the door (a flat surface) so of course it did no good!  all was well, i think i hit my head a little, but ended up on a case of water - so i guess that "cushioned" my fall.

so...the "workout" + the fall + my entire situation = a depressed Stacey

it didn't last very long...but it happened anyway


  1. i hate those black cloud moments... it seems like they come out of now where and just dump all over us! hate hate hate!

    falling really is awful... such an outta control feeling... bleh

    thankfully, they don't last too long normally...

    glad yours lifted :)

    1. i 2nd that..."Hate, hate, hate"...regardless of how long they last.

      "outta control feeling" u aint never lie!