Tuesday, March 13



i talked about it and it happened; I took a tumble on Saturday.  Everyone gets excited when they get a package right?  well i get excited!  LOL - indulge me for a few. 
  • In college, my roomate and i used to send each other mail so that we would actually have something in our mailboxes when we check!  LOSERS!!!  As i "grew up" i wished i wouldn't get all the bills and junk mail.  In fact if we check the mail once a week these days it's plenty.  BUT!!  I still always anxiously await all my packages - cept my medication but hey. 
Anyhoo, so my packages normally come to the front door, but this time when i checked the tracking email, it stated that my tshirt was delivered but it wasn't at the door; this meant that it must have been in my mailbox.  I had some running around to do on Saturday so when i came back to the house, i decided to go get my jersey.  I parked, left the car running, got out and left my door open, made my way over to the mailbox, took out my package, walked back to the car and, as usual God only knows what happend, I fell into the opened car door! 

Thankfully noone was around, so my struggle to get out from tangled in between the car door and the car and to right myself was witnessed by NOBODY!  Of course it was on "Hard Hard Concrete" so once again the top of my foot is bruised up because there was some dragging involved to get into a position so that i could get up.  Of course i laughed at myself because of the ridiculous situation BUT i was happy because i'd gotten my package :-)

My picture options for falling are running low!


  1. Lawd fadda......I will one day win the lottery and when I do, you are getting a man-servant to do your bidding.

    1. thx boy thx...yuh does play? i want to win too but if i play 3x i play plenty!! :-)

  2. lol on the empty mailboxes! what we wouldn't do for those now..

  3. Like Macajuel I'll get u 2 helpers. Here in Edmonton an MS mother is trying to prevent social from having he
    r 2 daughters taken from her cause of her disability, so cant remember who is working on the case to get her l
    ive in help. Roms