Monday, March 26

Just Some Ole Talk appears that i had a really really good time for my birthday this year.  Not only did i lose my cane holder and had to buy yet another 3 pack, but apparently i also lost my "Saturday" pill box!  these days i'm using Thursday's box on Saturdays and really trying to keep up.  signs of a great time!  I've mentioned this here before, but i think it's worth mentioning again.  It's amazing to me how much better i am on the weekends than during the week - I really don't get it.  I honestly think that my body doesn't appreciate being jarred awake before it's ready to...that must be it - go figure. 

I always laugh at some of the situations i find myself in because they are just so flippin crazy. 

a few Saturdays ago i had to wake up at the crack of dawn to go get a hair cut.  I've decided that i'm going to make the sacrifice and wake up early to go the barber shop so that i don't have to wait for hours for a hair cut and waste my entire saturday there.  so i woke up early (8am) and got dressed, went downstairs to eat breakfast, but time's a wasting, so i decided i'll drink my coffee on the drive down.  I headed downstairs with the cane, my phone and a cup of coffee.  Did i mention that i was a little unsteady?  i was...we have an  alarm in the house, so everybody with an alarm system knows that when you set it and leave the house, u only have so much time to get out before the system arms.  I never have problems with that; i always can get out, no probs...except for that day.  i was moving so unsteadily and slowly that morning, plus i had a cup of coffee in my hand that i REFUSED to let spill, that each time i tried to get out after i'd set the alarm, i had to reenter the code to stop the cycle and try again.  oh boy, would i EVER get out of here...on the 4th try, i made it!  whew!!!  time's a wasting - trying to get there before the whole of Atlanta!!!!

Yesterday, i went to a store, parked the car and got out.  Now, i can't describe just how i parked but suffice it to say that it was a little precarious"ly" parked - just a little.   Anyhoo, so i go in, did what i had to do, came out, opened the door to leave and couldn't get my feet in the car!  try as i might, i just didn't have the strength to lift my right foot all the way into the car.  what the?!?!? really????  i tried a few times well and all i could do was think about what i looked like to someone who happened to be looking out a window or something at the same time.  LOL!!!  I eventually planted my ass on the seat, relaxed a little and then finally was able to swing my legs over to the right and into the car so that i could make my way home - of course, was i totally surprised?  ah cyah lie, no - i'd already done a few things for the day and the car was in an odd position.

Never a dull's just funny the situations i find myself in - i really can't make this shit up!


  1. For me, sleep patterns are the most important variable in how I feel, and how much my symptoms act up. I have to get 8-9 hours a night, and it has to be anywhere between midnight and 10am. If I rise earlier than 9am I am toast for the day.

    1. intersting...wonder if that's the key for me too. of course 1 of my problems is that i have a midnite alarm to take pills so unless i'm really tired, i really don't fall deep asleep until after that.


  2. You r definately Learlyn's child, you doing stuff with a cane and coffee in hand with two uncertain legs.