Tuesday, March 6

2012 Catspraddles

Some of you might think that this is morbid/unnecessary/insert whichever word you think is best but i've decided that for kicks and giggles, i'm going to (try to) keep up with my tumbles for this year.  So far i think (can't remember for sure) that i'm up to 3.   The 1st one was bright and early new year's day @ 12:45.

  • 2 Sundays ago, i stepped out of the shower and down i went.  As usual i have no idea exactly  what happened, all i know is that 1 minute i was upright and the next i was bracing myself for impact.  Now!  Falling with wet skin is actually funnier than not (once you realize that all is well).  what made it worse too was that i kinda fell onto the porcelain goddes, so:
wet skin + porcelain = no easy ladylike way to get up

it wasn't pretty.  But!  i made it, had a good snicker and went on with my day.
  • The other one i remember was trying to get out of a bed.  If the bed/chair is too low then i can't get out on my own (for the most part)  (of course, if it's too high, gettin ON is a challenge but thats a story for another day).  well this bed was kinda low and try as i might i couldn't get out of it.  It was early in the morning and so i didn't call for help because everyone else around was sleeping (i was in the room by myself).  it was again quite funny (at least to me) because nothin i did enabled me to stand upright and get out of the bed.  FINALLY after God only knows how may tries, i made it!  i took 2 steps and down i went - it was pathetic, because now i have to pull myself up from the friggin ground!!!  Did i mention that i was actually trying to get up to go and pee???  well the MS gods were smiling on me that day because somehow getting up from the ground was easier that getting off the bed, so if i remember correctly i only had to try 1 or 2 times to pick myself up and head to the bathroom.
So...i'm up to 3 so far.  only time will tell how i'll close the year and with any luck it'll be 3  :-)


  1. I trying not to laugh eh gyul but your presentation is kicks.

  2. I like the term catspraddles as much as bradaps! Just the terms mind you, not the fact that you engage in these activities.
    Hang in there Stace. Hope to see you again soon!

  3. U know I'm itching to make a trip :-)