Tuesday, June 7

Cursing the MS Gods

I spent all day cursing the MS gods.  I have PT every Tuesday morning and the last thing my therapist does before i walk out of her office is stretch me out - it's my favorite part of every session.  Well this morning was no different, except she did a new stretch - ok, no biggie.  while i was walking out, i felt a little out of sorts, but i just chalked it up to the new stretch and paid it no mind.  i get home and 3-4 hrs later i find that i am still feeling and walking really badly.  I'm thinking, "ok, must tell Allison that she can do that stretch no more because i can't have it messing up my entire day like this again." 

little background here...my alarm starts going off at 6:45 when i have to go to work (i say start because boy do i snooze), then it goes off again at 8 for medication.  Well on Tuesdays, i have to wake up earlier because my appts are at 7:30.  So i have a separate 1 set to wake me up on Tuesday mornings and the 1 at 8 doesn't even go off because that'll be in the middle of our session, so i take the meds just before i leave the house.   

As usual, at 4:00 i get the reminder (no alarm during the week, i just have an Outlook reminder) to take the afeternoon pills and wouldn't u know it  - the am pills were still in that section.  Funny thing is, i have a vague recollection of taking them, but who knows maybe that memory was from yesterday - altho i could swear that it was this morning.  This has happened before so i am confident that it had nothing to do with the new stretch or the MS per se, it was just the fact that i didn't take the pills!

So now, the MS gods are looking down and cursing ME for once again blaming them/it when they did absolutely nothing out of the ordinary.

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