Friday, June 10

Motorized Carts

I think i've mentioned sometime before that now when i go to the grocery i use a motorized cart to get around.  I cyah bother fight with walking around with a cart  and so i finally came to the realization that there's nothing wrong with using the carts - that's what they're there for.  Those things are not as easy to manouver (sometimes they go much fast than u really want - esp when turning) as you'd think.  I've gotten used to them (for the most part) now but it was a little touch and go at first. 

Usually if u just let go of the controls, the thing would stop.  I remember 1 time that wasn't i would let go of the controls and the cart would still keep going for just a few seconds before coming to a complete stop.  Well by the time i was done and had to leave, i wasn't thinking about that and as i tried to look left and right for cars as i rolled out of Kroger (down the slight incline) i zoomed right into the street.  Luckily i was able to steer it to the side so that i didn't have an accident with the car that was coming.

A few months ago, i was going to get some bananas.  There was a man standing right at the banana stand, picking his bananas.  I approached and realized that i could not make it into the tight space that was left (there were 2 other people there), so i patiently waited behind him for 1 of them to move before i went in.  well between me and my motorized cart and all the other carts/people, i had to reverse to let someone out.  Don't u know i used the forward control instead of the reverse and ended up jamming said man up against the banana stand.  Naturally i was mortified and of course, i was a little flustered so it took me a few seconds longer than it should have to throw it into reverse (as i should have in the 1st place).  If i'm not mistaken, i saw the woman who was with him, chuckling to herself (and trying hard to hide it) at the sight of him jammed up against the bananas - i also had to keep myself from laughing out loud after the mortification passed.

yet another example of a funny situation that i find myself in sometimes as a result of this disease - LOL!!


  1. It's good that you can have a sense of humour about it.

  2. i haven't tried the carts yet... i'm naturally very clumsy and i can't imagine what would happen on one of those things LOL i might take out the entire pyramid of green beans or something!

    good the banana man and his wife were good souls! some folks in this world would try to sue for injuries that are life threatening ha

  3. I'm horrible with those things!