Tuesday, March 1



some people may think that i don't take this disease seriously enuf because i make jokes.  I do take it seriously, i take all the stupid ass pills, i go for my infusions, i don't put myself in situations where i may get hurt (not willingliy) and i am afraid of what it can potentially do to me.  The truth is that (i can't say this enuf) if i don't laugh, i certainly will cry and those feelings of "feeling sorry for urself" and "why me" are just not anything that i like to go thru - for what?  nothing's going to change, i just have to deal. 

So i take the disease very seriously, the situations i find myself in sometimes? not so much!

I have an eliptical machine at home - going to a gym is just not an option for me (i'll break my ass on the way out and that is NOT an option), so i had the opportunity to get a machine for free and i grabbed it.  Yesterday i decided to go on the machine - as usual - this is nothing new, i actually use the damn thing somewhat regularly.  when i was done it was time to come off - obviously...well, this is where it can get a little tricky.

By the time i'm done, things are a little out of whack of course but i am always able to come off even tho my legs are usually weaker than normal.  well not yesterday!  i got stuck on the bloody eliptical machine...somehow my left foot (that bloody weaker one) got stuck (trapped) somewhere at the bottom of the machine between all it's legs and not for the life of me, could i raise it up to get it out.  Thank goodness there was something for me to lean on so i wouldn't break my ass and who knows what else as i landed.  Did i mention that since it was my left foot that was caught, i had to stand on my right foot which has only recently healed from my fall?!?!?!

When i was done laughing at myself, i called G because she was on the way home and i figured maybe i'd stay there until she got home, but alas she was not close.  I had to muster all the strength i could to haul my foot out of the machine and eventually i did...i actually felt quite accomplished....

gotta laugh - sometimes the shit is just too funny


  1. I really enjoyed reading about your predicament and how you handle yourself.
    Recently I had nerve conduction tests. I wrote an email to a friend and signed it "the electrified pin cushion".

  2. lol! funny...we have to make fun of it sometimes.

  3. Girl, it's awe inspiring to see you still doing your thing in spite of MS. Admittedly it's heart wrenching to see you in the current condition given what you were before but your attitude and spunky persona never changed.

    Regardless of what life throws my way, I could always look back an say....."you know what, Stax did it, so what's my problem?"