Tuesday, March 8

Ah Comin for Ca-nee-val

Im not doing a very good job this year of ignoring everything on these 2 days...the parade of the bands kicked off yesterday morning with J'ouvert - thank goodness i was asleep at the time so i had no idea what was going on...

Yesterday during the day however, i sneaked many peeks at the road - technology is a hellluva ting...there were so many live streams of so many different events this year - was listening to Red as they broadcast from the road, looked at pictures and just essentially tortured myself all thru the day.

Soca Monarch went off without a hitch.  I must say that i was half expecting the feed to go down and interrupt during the course of the show and i was pleasantly surprised to see that there were no problems whatsoever and the quality of the feed was quite good.  i know i will get alot of flack for this, but I'm sorry...but i really do not agree that Iwer "geh tief".  he might have mash up the place, but Machel's performance was much better.  The last song from Iwer that i remember really liking was Bum Bum Time (how much years ago was that!)...Machel is the only man i know who does release a album every year on a regular.  so while Iwer might be d BOSS, Machel is the KING of soca!

Kes is Groovy Soca Monarch...very much well deserved!

Today, there is live streaming of today;s mas which is always better because people come out in full costume...


for anyone who might be interested...and as i writing this...Advantage is playin on the stage.  I read that it is already in the lead for Road March, with Come to Meh in 2nd place!

Trample it...Jump on it...Ramfle it...and Advantage it!!!!  is we privelege to take advantage of the stage...


  1. That feed was the best for Carnival! Excellent quality no ads. Now you might be wondering what a Trini living in T'dad doing spectating on the net. It's like you said technology is the best I was able to view the Dimanche Gras show with my BF in Dallas and ole talk together about the performances. Fun.

  2. yup...technology helped enjoy carnival in ways i never dreamed possible! there were so many shows we were able to look at leading up to it, it really was incredible AND with no interruptions.