Monday, March 21

Dr.'s Visit

so i went to my neuro last week Tuesday...did a 2fer - went to see him and did my infusion one time (1 stick - woohoo!).

The disease is stable - my exam went well - nothing to report on that.  he asked me if i've figured out the correct combination of all the drugs to take, i said yes and told him that i don't want to change the pill regimen.  the things are not a bother and don't impact my life negatively in any way - got rid of all the napping, so i'm happy.

there is a blood test that he is going to perform to show if i've been exposed to the JVC virus (the one that causes PML - the brain infection); (i can never say that without laughing out loud - i think it's so damn ridiculous)!  It'll be a year since i've been on Tysabri, so they like to test at a year to see if the patient tests positive to the anti virus and then make a determination as to whether or not Tysabri really is the way to keep going.  I hadda (have to) say, that i hope that i can stay on it...i don't want to go back to a daily shot, nor do i want to start takin the new oral pill because...well it's new (that coupled with the fact that there's already been some BAD thing (i can't even pretend to remember the word he used) reported).

They'll take the blood for that test when i go for my next infusion - must remember to drink a bucket of water the day before and day of so that my blood will flow that time, so that they can get enuf to do the test!

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