Thursday, March 3

My Elvis Shake

I think that people feed off of my first, if they're not sure, they would be serious about things, but then when they hear me making joke or making fun of things, they might get into that groove too. 

1 of the things that happens to me when i'm working out or on the eliptical machine or sometimes sitting (depending on what position my leg is in) is that my leg starts to shake.  U know how u may sit and just shake ur leg quickly - well that happens to me unwillingly.  Again, depending on how my leg might be positioned when i'm sitting, it'll just start to shake.  After i've been on the eliptical for a while, it starts to shake....when i'm working out - esp if it's a leg exercise - it shakes (it's tied somewhat to how fatigued my legs might be).

So the first time it happened in the training session, i said to Reggie (my trainer), "see? look at that shit"...he said, "yeah i see...y are u doing that?" That's when i told him that i wasn't doing it, it was just happening.  he was SHOCKED!  he couldnt' believe it...but then after he did the obligatory concerned look etc, he said, "it's like an Elvis shake" and then he did it himself and from then on, it "lovingly" became my "Elvis Shake"...

In retrospect, i've had the elvis shake for most of my life. I used to dance when i younger and by the end of each class whenever i plied, the legs would shake!  go figure...

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