Thursday, February 24

That Time Again...

it's Carnival season...*sigh*

I've mentioned before that i will never go back home for carnival  - i tear up on Georgia Ave in DC every time i'm there; i teared up a little on the truck in Miami last year - what will i do if i go back home?  Bawl down the place like a baby - that's what (it won't be pretty).

Carnivals up here are NOTHING compared to the real thing.  I can handle going to the parties and being on the trucks here, but there is no way i can survive doing that at home - there is no way!  This year, i'm happy (secretly, selfishly) that only 1 of the crew is heading home.

Now, just because i know that i cannot and will not go home for Carnival doesn't mean that i don't get into the season.  I mentioned in an earlier post that the music is on point this year - just about everyone is batting for six.  The thing is that even if i didn't want to get into the season, i don't think i could help it.  I listen to Red all day long (when i'm not on calls) - i can't work in silence - so music has to be playing.  In fact, during this time, i'm glad i don't have to go to an office because i can listen to it as loud as i want to without having to think of anybody else.

Carnival is the 1 time that i really miss home every year - even if for a fleeting moment.

  • The energy
  • The happy times
  • The lime
2nd to none...

Showing solidarity on the truck :-)


  1. yep have to agree the music is really good this year. I no longer play mas and try to ignore it but it's impossible not to feel even a little something when the music starts to play and when I hear pan. I would imagine that this is the hardest time for all Trinis abroad:-(

  2. yuh happy that only 1 of the crew going home!?!?!

    :) I hear yu, just had to tease you.