Tuesday, February 8

My Worst Nightmare

has happened...

just the other day i was talking about the steps in my house.  Yesterday i tumbled down - sorry, catapulted down 1 flight of steps.   (If i do say so myself, i think i would have scored a perfect 10 for my flips - twice) :-) I started at the 4th step and landed on the floor right by my front door (12 steps down) - on my side.  I was alone - actually i was glad that no-one saw because I'm sure it looked worse than it felt and it felt BAD.  After it happened, i composed myself and limped to my desk.

I actually went for a record yesterday, i fell 3X!!!  After the 1st one,  i didn't realize that my ankle was gone and i fell twice again afterward because i just couldn't put any weight on the ankle.   those times i actually did the usual and laughed because i was in so much shock - the 1st one was no laughing matter.

there is GREAT news...it ended extremely well - all i suffered was a sprained ankle; i didn't hit my head, i didn't hurt anywhere else.  in fact i don't even think that i bruised where i landed.  I went to an urgent cars facility and left with a boot and a pair of crutches - so i'm fine - no need for anyone to worry.

Needless to say, i'm working on the middle level as opposed to all the way down this week.


  1. ouch and damn that sounds scary:-) Hope the ankle is better.

  2. it is much better now - thanks and it was sooooooooo scary! so many things could have happened and they didn't - i am so thankful for that!!