Thursday, February 10

Funny How Things Happen

so...i fell down on Monday, went to the urgent care place and the doc there wanted to give me crutches.  I told him about my situation and my balancing issues and he suggested a boot instead.  I put on the boot and STILL could not walk because i  couldn't put any weight on the ankle.  At that point, i had to get the crutches to use as well as the boot.  Of course the first few steps with the crutches were touch and go, but i very slowly kinda got the hang of it while i was there.  He still didn't really like how i was looking so i left the place with a prescription for a walker, because he thought that it would probably be my best option.

By the time i got home and practised with the crutches some more, i was doing ok.  i stopped using the cane - obviously - and was wearing the boot and using the crutches.  Wouldn't you know seems that all the walking/balancing issues that i normally have are gone.  i swear that if i take off the boot and throw away the crutches RIGHT NOW, i would walk normally - and not my "normal", normal like any other person (normEl, normEl!).  ugh!!  who knew that it would take my falling down the steps for that to happen.

Anyhoo, I can put some weight on the foot now.  If i walk on tippytoe on the right, i feel no pain.  Last nite i started using the cane again because i'll be honest i'm a lil afraid to go out in public (have my infusion tomorrow) with the crutches.  This morning when i woke up, i actually walked around a bit without the boot, so the ankle is healing and i'm on my way to being well again.


  1. sorry about youre foot.

  2. Thank god that you did not need a wheelchair