Thursday, February 17

Uncertainty of Life

life has no guarantees!

As i've gotten older, i really get the meaning of "life has no guarantees" and life's being so uncertain.  is it that when I was younger, I felt so invincible that I never really "got it"?  or is it that i was lucky and in my younger days hadn't had to deal with too many instances of sickness, poor health, death that it never really struck me that nothing is guaranteed in life?  We take so much for granted all the time and in an instant, things can change - at times with no warnings.

My grandmother died last week; she would have been 100 on March 26th.  She was strong and healthy up until 5 days before she died and when things started going downhill, they went very quickly.  No-one wants to see a loved one die, but we can take comfort in the fact that she lived a very long, full life and brought us many, many, many joys during her lifetime.

Her funeral was a celebration of her life and not focused on the mourning of her death.  She will always be loved and will be missed by everyone who loved her.

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