Thursday, February 3

To my Trini Peeps

Okay...(almost) so every year (if u like me) i wonder what the hell they coming with again the following year - as far as soca is concerned.  I have to say tho that last year the only song that i liked from the very 1st time i heard it was "Palance"; everything else had to grow on me.  This year?  i like just about everything - there are few songs that i can do without and only "Advantage" had to grow on me (after 3 listens i was sold on the concept alone).

But SHIT!  Does some of the music have to be so bloody fast?????

Doh get me wrong, i have come to accept the fact that i eh go be wining down to the ground anymore.  The thought/picture of my doing so with a cane and 2 stiff leg is not a sight that even i would want to see, so i does jes be tapping my cane along, tapping meh foot to the music.  I swear that I can barely even do that to some of the music this year!  LOL!!!

i eh go i get older, i realize that there is absolutely nothing wrong with Groovy Soca and when i see the young 'uns carryin on (like i used to - of course) i jes want to tell them to "relax already - good Lord, settle down!"  Doh get me wrong, I am all for a good time and there is nothing like being on the road for Carnival Monday and Tuesday - in fact if i could i would be front and center, but sheesh!

Quite frankly, left up to me "Wotless" can easily win Road March hands down - no questions asked! :-)

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