Friday, February 18

Rhell (Real) Weird

My ankle is 99.9% healed - I have no pain, only if I twist the food inwards (very slight) - and how normal is that???  I have downgraded from the boot to a splint (i've actually had this injury before (2 prior falls!!) and i guess something told me all those years ago to hang on to the splint) so I've been wearing that for the last few days.

Anyhoo, I kid you not, when i had on the boot, all other issues disappeared - everything was normal.  Maybe the man above gave me a break because dealing with the boot and MY normal would have been pressha.

Now, it's off and i'm back to MY normal; i swear i feel like i just want to wear the boot just because - i could alternate feet weekly.

oh well, wha yuh go do?

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