Thursday, June 30

Skechers Shape Ups

They apparently tome yuh backside, legs, calf muscles and while doing all that also improve your posture.  My sneakers were laughing(on the sides) so they were on their way out and so i decided to a buy a pair of Skechers.

Well!  Me eh know if they will actually do all of the above - that's not why i bought them.  what i do know is that they actually have been forcing me to walk properly - heel to toe.  My feet tend to drag alot so i don't always do the heel to toe action - in fact 1 of the things that my PT wants me to concentrate on is lifting my feet and walk heel to toe - even tho it may feel like i look weird.  i think  i have the heel to toe action because the sole of the shoe is curved (and soft - it claims to sumulate walking on sand) so if i didn't walk properly i might have problems(?).  Hell if i know!   I remember that Dee mentioned Skechers Tone Ups to me once before but I'd never done anything with that info. 

Of course G and I went to the shoe store together to buy them because we both wanted to be sure that i could actually stand and walk in the damn things because of the shape.  - when she saw me walking in the store, she said, "Yuh mean after all this time, all we had to do was buy some skechers?!?!?"

Well now here i am with the Shape Ups and i believe it was money well spent.


  1. How interesting ... my PT said the same thing and I had forgotten. Keep us posted on how you feel about them in a few weeks, will you?

  2. I'll ask my physical therapist about it tomorrow!