Monday, June 13

i Knew It!

Steups...they only did a cervical (my neck) MRI - they didn't do my spine...GRRRRR!!!!i knew it was just too good to be true.  STEUPS!!!!!  i don't know how they are going to handle the fact that it wasn't done yet.  and it was actually the one i was looking forward to the most, since i know that i have scarring on my spine and was really curious to see what might be going on there since last year.

Anyhoo, so the neck one was shows no sign of disease progression - that is great news! 

so... that means, the brain is clear, the neck is clear and uncharacerstically of me, i'm thinking that the spine is clear too.


  1. Hi Stacey,
    Please visit my blog and collect The Sunshine Award.
    I received the award from Ana and am happy to pass it on to you to show my appreciation of your blog.
    I hope you will also enjoying passing it on as I have.
    Herrad Stacey

  2. Oh good news on the neck MRI:-)yay!