Wednesday, March 21

Multiple Slerosis

MS really is a nasty disease.  I had my 24th infusion and 3month follow up with my neuro yesterday and for some reason, there were more people than normal in the office at the time i was there and it hit me that there were so many varying disabilities - not varying degrees of the same disability, but varying disabilities. 

  • there was an old man in a wheel chair who appeared to be suffering from the swallowing problem that afflicts some.  I say "appear" because he had a towel and kept wiping his mouth, i wasn't close enough to him to see exactly what was happening - so many people have problems swallowing or can't swallow at all.
  • there were a few folk with canes who ran the gamut.  there was me who was kinda struggling yesterday and then there was a woman who didn't even seem as if she needed one.
  • the woman in the scooter who appeared to be completely weak on 1 side of her body
  • there were people with varying types of walkers - with built in seats, without built in seats
  • of course let's not forget those who have no visible disabilities
i guess there was that constant of the walking disability, but still just so many varieties of said walking disability.  My neuro and i had the whole "should i switch or should i stay" conversation again because i am at the 2 year mark.  My risk of PML increases just a tad because not only am i JCV positive but i will be on Tysabri for more than 2 years - OH GOODY!!!  We are still in agreement tho that i will stay on Tysabri (that devil you know) what with the increased MRI monitoring and such. 

Speaking of which, no new lesions and no signs of PML from the MRI that was done in February.  so there is some good news!

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