Thursday, September 22

Y Can't that B Me II

i am envious when I see people exercising!  

Again, who woulda thunk it!?!?  Anyone who knows me, knows just how much i used to HATE the gym and NEVER really looked forward to working out.  In fact, when i was dancing, i was happiest because that alone is a workout and because i was having a good time doing it, i never really thought of dance as a workout per se.

Even when my neuro told me (years ago) that exercise is important while managing MS, i still needed some type of motivation and couldn't get it together to get started on some sort of regular program.  At some point, i realized that the only thing that would get me going and keep at it consistently was to hire a personal trainer.

These days, I've actually gotten to a point where i like working out with Reggie (*gasp*, did i just say that out loud???).  I go to a small gym, not a Golds, Ballys type place.  There are about 4 or 5 studios in which the trainer and the client workout together one on one.  The studios are only used by 1 client at a time, so u really have the trainer's undivided attention for the time that you're there.  Even though the place is used/setup like that, sometimes u can see what others might be doing if u're there at the same time.  While i do get my money's worth, I have limitations so there's a whole lotta shit that i can't do.  well, when i see other people doing such things, i look at them and again think, "*sigh*, wish i could do that!"  of course, some of the exercises, i could try...but then i'd probably spend the entire 45 mins just to do 1 rep!!!  (may not be a good idea. SO not a good use of my money).


just another 1 of those things...

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