Tuesday, September 20

*sigh* Now Y Can't that B Me

it's amazing how things happen/change in ur life and it takes on new meaning/you gain new perspectives.

I've been going for infusions for a almost a year and a half now and every time i go, it's a fight with my veins.  In my wildest dreams, i never thought that would be an issue because every time i went to give blood prior to my starting the infusions, i never had any problems.
In light of all that, these days when i see someone with nice bulging veins i look at them with pure envy!  i saw a fella in the barber shop on Saturday and I swear his veins were a big as a drinking straw!!  I always think, "now y couldn't that be me"???  I know that i don't know everyone's situation...but i always think, "what a waste of a nice vein...bet u don't have to go for an infusion every 4 weeks!"

Apart from the obvious, guess which hand is mine!

I think i have good ones in my feet, but alas they won't use the foot.  so i just have to look and lust after the big veins when i see them.   Who woulda thunk that there would come a time when i would look at people and the 1st thing i notice about them is the size of their VEINS!!!


  1. OK u sound like a thirsty vampire!!!! take it easy there stax-cula


  2. I have huge veins. Nurses love me. Maybe you would have better luck with a pediatric phlebotomist, they are used to tiny veins.

  3. i haven't even seen you/your veins and i'm jealous :-) well u know that's not an option when i go for my infusions - boy do i wish tho!

  4. Very cute. Well maybe not cute, but you get my drift! They usually have problems finding mine too. They even suggested I get a port!!! I said,"Are you crazy?" Then apologized of course for my harshness!

  5. they suggested that to me too...

    see http://msxats.blogspot.com/2010/10/u-cant-make-this-shit-up.html