Tuesday, September 27


Every now and again, i would go back and read old posts and the other day, i came across this one, Not Sold. i wrote that soon after i'd gotten the cane.  well, HAH!!  once again, it's funny how ur perspective on things can change as time goes by.

About 2 weeks ago, my manager asked me if i'm using my cane and my response was, "oh yes i am!  I can't imagine going anywhere without it; i think i'd be like a fish out of water without it!"

These days i can safely say without a doubt that it helps me (unlike what i wrote in that post).  i really shudder at the thought of going anywhere without it.    It used to be that i would kinda feel self conscious of the fact that i was walking with a cane.  Now???  u couldn't pay me to walk without it!

Whether it's a good or bad thing, the cane has become my "third leg" and unfortunately for me,  i need 3 to get around!



  1. I use my cane too! I don't care what people think now. I remember when I first got it I felt like eveyone was staring at me! I have a few, and am often on the lookout for a new one that matches the latest outfit.

  2. I ordered a cane last week, "just in case". Certainly seems better taking a major fall! And, to Karen's point, it matches my glasses! Best, Christie

  3. oh yeah, Karen, i'm up to 4 now...i originally bought 2 starter canes just to try them out and now that i'm convinced that i need them, i'm starting to get nice ones.

    Christie, that's what made me eventually get it too..fall? use a cane? i chose the cane!

  4. I remember the exact same thing, Unfortunately the majority of the time I needed a cane I was in denial. I aways thought the falls were because of someone else walking bad!

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