Tuesday, October 4

Things that Make U Go "hmmmm'

How is it that i'm so much better on the weekends and when i'm off than during the week? hmmmmm
  • Am i stressed at work?  No, only now and again but not as a rule
  • Do i dislike my job?  No...there are frustrating moments, but in general, i can't complain one bit
  • Am i under pressure?  Nope...i have deadlines, but i know when they are and work toward them
hmmm...so what the problem is?!?!? (loved Martin Lawrence in National Security)

i don't spend a whole lot of time thinking/wondering about it - it's just 1 of those things that i'll never understand, but 1 of my theories is that my body doesn't like being jarred awake at some ungodly hour and have to start moving prior to when it's actually ready to get up.

I do have a slightly different pill schedule.  I take the pill that puts me to sleep in the morning when i don't have to wake up for work...maybe that's it?  who the hell knows..if that's the reason i'll just have to move right along because there is no way i can take the sleepy pill in the morning during the week - i can't afford to be knocked out on conference calls and such.

Today i'm off and i'm much better than if i were logged on at my desk.  Maybe it's because i spend the entire day sitting at my desk working as opposed to being up and moving about every now and again during the day when i'm off?  again, who the hell knows...

i just chalk it up as 1 of those MS unknowns and roll with it...



  1. Question: How is it that i'm so much better on the weekends and when i'm off than during the week? hmmmmm



  2. well if that is the case, is a damn shame that i cyan drink on the job!

  3. i think you may hit on something... i have recently figured out that if i sit at my desk for more than an hour at a time, it's much harder for me to get up and moving... and if i spend the day there, forget it... i'm all wonky

    so now i watch the clock and at the 1/2 hour mark i get up and move around... stretch a little bit then sit back down... sometimes i stand up and work at my desk.. and it's cute... i stick my arse out behind, bending at the waist and resting my arms on the top of my desk lol really only works when i'm reading or proofing documents...

    i used to take 5 minutes each hour and lay on the flat hard floor... i have such bad spasms in the back.. but someone walked in on my once during my floor stretching and they panicked immediately... so i stopped doing that particular activity at work ha

  4. u know...i may have to start doing that - moving/stretching every hour or so; it's a good idea.

    we have to be sensitive to others...can u imagine how that person must have felt walking in and seeing you on the ground? it would freak anybody out! :-)