Friday, October 21

oh boy...

today is the day that i should find out the results of my JVC virus antibodies test.  that's the virus that causes the brain infection when u're on Tysabri.  The virus is in all of us, but it's dormant - Tysabri wakes it up! (of course).  anyhow,

  • if the test is positive and the antibodies are present, more decisions will need to be i stay on Tysabri with a greater chance of developing the brain infection?  they will monitor me by doing an MRI every 3 months instead of i switch to yet another disease modifying drug? 
  • if the test is negative, life goes on as usual.
of course, me being me, i have a feeling that the test is positive.  I can't help it sometimes, i tend to expect the worst and be pleasantly surprised when things work out well.

oh well...stay tuned!

I misspoke! It's the JCV or JC Virus...

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  1. It's ironic, but I blogged about this too. Although yours is much more informative! Decisions,Decisions, Decisions