Thursday, October 13

FL Stories

So like i said, went down to Miami last week Wednesday and had a whale of a time...partied like it was 1999 and just plain ole had a time.  I didn't go to all the fetes that the crew went to just because i didn't want to chance anything/push my luck, altho truth be told, i did so well, i think i may have been ok.

Allowances were also made for me on some occasions, because we knew some of the promoters and were allowed special access/privileges.  On Thursday nite, K and I were the 1st 2 patrons on the boat - i was allowed to go on before the masses - quite cool.  so we went to a party on the Friday nite and there were some steep steps to enter.  we asked for an elevator and found out that it was on the other side of the building, so it was decided that S and J would carry me up the steps just to make it easier for me.  I probably did half and half that nite (1/2 the time sitting and 1/2 the time on my feet) was a free drinks party and we were quite close to the bar, but all nite long, i was brought drinks, so i didn't have to walk back and forth.   At some point in the nite, i was sitting and someone came up to me and said, "U had a special ticket?  everyday bringing drinks for u all nite long!"  i laughed and went on with my the end, AC took me down the steps on his own.  Overheard by A on her way down, "buh who d hell is that?  they take her up in the party, they bring her down from the party and bringing her drinks all nite!"  A snickered and continued on her way.  HAHAHA!!

Everyone went to a Saturday breakfast fete after Friday nite's bash but good thing i didn't go to that because i heard that they had to stand in line for 2 hrs before they got in.

I was the last one to get on the boat on Saturday - after all the masses but that was also good because i didn't have to deal with any crowd or drama.  Now while on the boat, even though i was standing the whole time, best believe that i was holding on to a railing...i wasnt trying to tempt faith by standing up in the middle while the boat was sailing - that's for damn sure.  LOL!!  We didn't do the parade this year and so that was the end of any big events.  there were 2 house limes Sunday and Monday so there was no issue then.

All in all, i really had a good time down there (as usual) and can't wait until next year already :-)

will put up a few pictures later on...


  1. I was looking for you but didn't see you! Glad u had a time! I had a time too!

  2. Miami is so big; it have all kinda fete every nite and they all ram so it easy to miss people.

  3. Sorry i missed You Love Ya

  4. u were there too??? would have been great to see u!