Wednesday, October 12

My oh My

Came back yesterday from Miami's very fitting that my last post was about how well i walk/am when i'm off or on the weekends.  I was so good in Miami!!!! for the entire week that i was there!

  • went on 2 boatrides and stood up "wining (okay as best i could)" for the duration (at least 4 hrs) of both and then was able to walk off the boats (albeit a little slower than normal - if that is even possible :-) ) after them both
  • walked around all day (some of the days) and still went out later the nite, without too much issue
This morning i wake up to get ready for work and...whoa!  what the heck?  is this the same person???  geezanages.  can a gal get a break?


  1. I think you are allergic to work ;)

  2. But you know, overall it sounds like a good trip! You certainly have a social life!

  3. that i do...i've had to make adjustments so it's not as "social" as it can be, but i have one.

  4. i do much the same... i go to the football games and such and typically i do alright... but then the next morning i'm so slow going at work... i wonder if it just takes some time for the extra curriculars to catch up and impact us...

    and i am with Karen... allergies to work sound reasonable to me

  5. u know Sherri, I was just talking to my mother and she said the same thing...maybe my body is now catching up with the fact that i was going, going, going all weekend long.

  6. Love you more and more each day You are so strong