Monday, October 31

Happy Halloween

i love's the 2nd of 2 American things that i have completely embraced; we don't do anything for halloween at home!  Every year, i dress in costume and have somewhere to go.  In fact, last was the 1st year since i've started dressing up that i didn't do anything and it was somewhat depressing.  So this year, a friend was throwing a party and i found out about it in Sept (or so) so WOOHOO i get to dress up.  As the time drew nearer, i realized that i wasn't as excited as i normally get and about 3 weeks before the party, it hit me that:

  1. i really wasn't that interested in going to the party and 
  2. 75% of the fun is going to Party City (or wherever) to look for the perfect costume (or idea) online is not so much fun for me

fast forward 1 week prior and all of a sudden, the Halloween Spirit hit me in the gut!  I want to go the party AND i want a costume!

So since i have the cane, i figured i would incorporate it into the costume and go as a lady pimp or something, but the time i was done browsing, i decided on a Viking Princess.  Ah...such a cute/sexy costume right?  WRONG!!!!  the damn thing came and as cute and hot as that model looked in hers, i looked RIDICULOUS in mine; the hat was too shallow, the dress was too big and it wasn't that nice chocalte-y colour either - it was more of a baby tootoo brown!!!  the best thing in the costume bag were the boot covers!  STEUPSSSSS!!!!!  Of course, because i'd waited till a week prior, it was too late to do anything with the stupid ass thing!  i still have it, in case anyone is in need of a Viking Princess costume

I was pissed!  i still went to the party dressed as "woman with cane" and i had a good time, but i'm not going to fool around again next time :-)

Anyhoo, Happy Halloween to all!!


  1. Glad you had a good time! This is exactly why I don't buy Halloween costumes online... too much room for error. I mean, if I'm going to be a Viking Princess, I want to the sexiest Viking Princess at the party.

  2. I shall go as 'woman with power chair' or 'SUPER MS WOMAN'--thanks for the great ideas!!

  3. Ya, I never have much luck with those online costumes. Gald you had a good time anyway!

  4. @ Beer for the Shower: Thank you!!!! i was trying to make the costume work somehow, but decided if i couldn't do it right, i won't do it all...

    @ Diane: we have to make this work for us in any way that we can :-)

    @ Karen: hopefully if i give myself enuf time i'll get it right next time.