Friday, December 17

hmmm, Christmas

I  realize that not only did having MS mess with my thanksgiving this year, it's also going to mess with Christmas.  I've spoken about routines - managing my MS is all about routines; changing, adding, removing routines as you go.  I guess because it wsn't this time of year, i never thought about the holiday routine - cooking up a storm on thanksgiving, shopping way too much for Christmas, making puncha creme, rum punch, sorrel and i can go on.

well...this year i cannot shop like i want to and it is putting a little (just a little) damper on my Christmas spirit.  I have to shop online - UGH

  • Altho I'm no big shopper, it's not as much fun as going to the store
  • I'll have to buy the specific item - there is no shopping around (altho one can argue that that's a good thing - less $ spent)
  • Kinda limited to the one store - kinda sorta, other stores won't catch my eye as I'm walking out the mall
but i guess it is what it is and there isn't much that I can do about it.  Always have to keep the alternative in mind and that is, going to the mall and then getting depressed WHEN i can't walk out!

I still hate MS!

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  1. Really? I love me my amazon!! Sorry it is one more thing to miss!