Wednesday, December 1

The Cane

alright, so I'm sold on the use of the cane; it helps me most of the time.  Now, don't get me wrong, there are times when having a cane does not help at all, but those times are few and far between.  i bought 2 - a black and a brown, c'mon now, a chick needs to be stylish and co-ordinated.  They have both served me quite well and so now, i think it's time to put a cane on my christmas list.

  • A thinks i need a limin cane (she's thinking one that lights up or something) to be used only when limin
  • Another friend saw a cane with a sword in a movie - if he sees it on Fulton (he lives in NY); it's mine!
  • G2 is on the prowl for a blinged out 1 with a pimp cup
When i started thinking about/looking for canes, i was amazed at how many options there were "out there".  Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that canes would be on the market for $800 or so, but they're out there and there are so many differnt types.  It does make sense tho, i s'pose...for someone like me who has to use canes regularly, you would approach it as an investment and be willing to spend some money on it as opposed to someone in search of a cane temporarily.  Now, would I spend $800 on it?  Absolutely not!  but i am will to go beyond the $14.99 that I spent on the ones that i have now. 


  1. please mention that you show no love for the cane and does just park it anywhere...G2 has the black and blue (bruise) on foot to prove the wreckless parking of the cane that slid off the wall onto her foot!!!!!!!!!

  2. HAHA - steups!!! Is not my fault that it doh stand up good!

  3. Glad the cane is helpful!
    HAve you seen the cane holder

    Sounds to me like you need to bedazzle your cane

  4. oh my goodness! that is brilliant! that is exactly what i need. everytime it falls i have to make an announcement that "It's just the cane - no need to worry" just so that eneryone knows it's not me bussing my ass as usual!

  5. I bought a replica of the "Dr. House" cane.