Monday, November 29

My Thanksgiving This Year

it was kinda bitter sweet for me - mostly sweet.  On one hand, it was GREAT as usual - G and I always go waaaaaaaaaaaaay out for Thanksgiving - I'm sure that someone out there might say we do too much, but we love it, love doing it, love cooking up a storm and will continue to do so (in fact, last year we didn't do anything - i went to a friend's house and it just wasn't the same).  I was off for the entire week, G2 and family were here, both parents were here and then on the day itself others came over to eat and lime.  We had a fantastic time!

We don't ever ask anyone to bring any dishes.  We do all the cooking - cept the turkey which we buy from Popeye's; it's a cajun deep fried turkey - delicious.  Anyhoo, so G likes to cook and so she normally has more dishes to do than i, but somehow this year, i was only responsible for 4.

Here's where it got bitter - I got thru 1.5 dishes before the MS kicked in and said, "uh uh - ur ass needs to sit down and relax!"  I'd been standing for too long i s'pose and i just couldn't walk or stand up anymore.  I prepared the first dish, then had to improvise and continue preparing the 2nd while sitting at the table,  rest for a few when that was done and then use a chair by the stove to do the others.  In retrospect, i guess it was a good thing that i was only responsible for 4.  It sucked!  i wasn't happy about it!  i cursed the MS and I cursed it loud!  I just couldn't do my thanksgiving as i was used to - i didn't appreciate that at all!  I'm sure that i knew that it could/would happen, but i still wasn't totally prepared for it when it did.  oh well, wha ah go do (what can i do).

Here's hoping that everyone had a great thanksgiving with family and friends like i did!

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  1. Nice imagery of a true Trini lime -even through the lens of your frustration. Happy Thanksgiving!