Friday, November 5

Well Looky Here

so i've mentioned before that i have alarms going off at all times of the day to remind me to take my medication AND that i haven't a clue if/how all the meds i'm on actually do anything for me.

well...yesterday i found out.

that morning at 8, my alarm went off.  I was in the middle of making breakfast, so instead of walking to the alarm to turn it off and take the pills and then walk back to making breakfast, i just let the alarm keep going and the plan was that when i sit down to eat, turn it off, take the pills and eat.  well i turned it off and began to eat.

As the day went on, i really found that things were a little off.  I was jerkier than normal (more puppet like if u will) and the whole walking thing was actually getting on my nerves and pissin me off.  I normally work out, with a personal trainer, on Thursdays and i was actually thinking of canceling the session (a valid reason to cancel - WOOHOO) because i didn't know that i could make it.  Anyhoo, i kept on trucking on as i do...

A little later i was talking to a friend and he was asking me about the medication and how things were going, etc etc and that is when it dawned on me that i didn't take my 8am meds!  it was 1:53!!!  no wonder i was all out of sorts- WOW!  those actually do hour later, i got up for something and i was normal (or at least as normal as i can be).

good to know that i'm not taking them for nothing!

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  1. Wow - crazy that one missed dose can affect you so much! I guess it does help to see an effect though!