Tuesday, November 2

Port Saga Continues...

So my personal doctor, Dr. L or G3, and his family were here last week.  He and his wife are both doctors, so I was telling them the port story.  She thought that it was a good idea from the beginning, he had to be sold - when he found out that i would be using it monthly AND they will be drawing blood each time, he got on board. 

Of course, like all things medical, there are risks.
  1. it's a surgical procedure to insert it
  2. infection!!
They both said that the biggest risk is infection - a nurse doesn't wash their hands and handles it could lead to that.

of course, it's just 1 more thing about which i'll have to deal with the insurance company...not really looking forward to that - I'll need to decide if i want to do it this year or next year.  I already have to have an MRI done later this month to ensure that I am not at risk for the brain infection (side effect of the monthly Tysabri infusions) so who knows what more they'll actually pay for!

ARGH!!!  Being sick truly does SUCK ASS!

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