Wednesday, November 10

NOT Talkin Shit

I know i'm not talking shit.

Monday was G's birthday and we went to our home away from home, EDl.  I couldn't even bend my knees to get out of the car.  Have u ever tried to get out a car with ur legs as straight as a board?!?!?  NOT cute or ladylike!!!  I felt shame for just a moment when i almost pull down the fella who was helping me out the car! it was some stupid ass temperature like 50 or so...

today it is 70 degrees and i've been walking on my own all day!

I understand that it is natural to be stiffer in the cold i s'pose but good grief i am out of control- what the hell do i have to look forward to in December????  I am seriously going into hibernation.

it's a "tropical strain"; it prefers heat/warmth/sun...

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  1. put on long johns u want me 2 sent 1 4 u from edmonton. today Nov23 is 31 bolow de 3rd coldest place in de world.Calgary southof us was 2nd and de south pole was 1st.ha ha.Roms