Wednesday, November 17

A Bit of a Loner

Having Multiple Sclerosis has taught me that i can lime with myself.  When we go to fetes and i have to sit in a chair, i don't expect everyone to lime around me and sometimes, they don't.  i've always enjoyed my "Stacey" time, but now more than ever i have it.

I am sure that i've always been aware of that, but it really  hit me in Miami carnival that i've become (by force) a bit of a loner.  I was on that truck for the ENTIRE day by myself, limin with strangers who may have jumped on and off - let's face it, it's not the easiest thing in the world to get on and off those things, so i certainly didn't expect anyone to do it jes to come and lime with me.

In other news...i was only stuck ONCE yesterday altho my blood, once again, was as slow as molasses going into the vials but at least they got the amount they needed this time around.  I drank much more water than i normally would, on the day of, this time so maybe that made a difference to the accessibility of the vein?  I will put the port on a back burner for now and see how things go the next few times.

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