Monday, October 17

Stacey Strikes Again

I love yoga!  unfortunately, it falls into that category of "things i can't really do properly anymore" so i have to find alternatives.  Well i found out about something called adaptive yoga (it's amazing how much i know exists out there now that i'm in the situation i'm in).  it's also referred to as Therapeutic Yoga and is essentially, yoga practice that's adapted to people with injuries, disabilities etc so it may be practised in chairs, with props - u get the idea.

So finally found a class that takes place after hours so i can attend and went to the 1st class last week Tuesday.  It was a good class and i'll keep going (besides which it's free so u can't beat that with a bat!)  For those who've never practised yoga before, the atmosphere is always very quiet, serene, peaceful, relaxing (all those kind of words).  At the very end of the class, the instructor will get u into a zen-like  place and u take deep breaths for a while before the class is dismissed.

so on Tuesday we are in this zen-like place, taking deep breaths innnnnnn and oooouuuut, innnnn and oooouuuut and then BRAP, BRAP, BRAP, BRAP, here comes my (noise pollution) alarm.  It was 8:00 - time for my medication!  Imagine my horror (altho i couldn't help laugh to myself)
Of course, my phone was in my handbag, so i had to dig for it and take it out, so it only got louder and more obnoxious!  Did i mention that it was a small room with about 8 students????

Ahhh....more happy times!


  1. Thank God it was your phone...I thought you were going to say u passed!

  2. ahm, no...besides which i eh go write bout that here!

  3. Great that you found a class. I have been practicing on my own for a while now. Can't find any classes. I thought the brap, brap brap was Lhermitte's...that's the sound I use when it happens!