Wednesday, September 7

Falling...again - as usual!

i've mentioned before that anytime i fall, i laugh hysterically...especially when i realize that it's a "good fall" - no injuries, pain etc, jes a plain ole fall.  Is that normal?  is it smart?  maybe not, but it is what it is and that's how i react.  not sure if it's because i haven't been in a completely embarrassing situation or what but it only occurred to me on Saturday nite that other people may not find the humour.
I was actually holding on to someone as we walked out of a house and quite frankly, i don't even think that we were walking at that moment.  Not sure what happened, but i just started leaning and eventually fell and of course, i started laughing.  CQ, however, was lil mad that it happened "on his watch" - he wasn't laughing!  i tried to tell him that it was okay - no worries; Lord knows that i fall all the time and am used to it, but he wasn't hearing it.  The same thing happened a few weeks ago with another friend who was helping me with something...i kept falling and she kept saying, "she keeps laughing, but i really am trying to help." I knew she was, but i probably wasn't helping the situation by laughing like a jackass all the time.
  • Maybe deep down inside, i'm actually embarrassed and just need to deal with it so i do so by laughing?  who knows...
Maybe i need to rethink my reaction because it's not always as funny to everyone else as it is to me...not making any promises on that right now, but it is something that i think i need to think about/be aware of.  I'm not going thru this alone, so i do have to take other people's feelings into consideration.


  1. Well if it is any consolation, i usually laff my a@@ off (xcept when dey tell me u r hurt). ahahahaha


  2. yes, well ew all know that u eh normal!! heeheehee

  3. Girl, you are not the only one whole laughs at inappropriate stuff. Maybe it does have to do with a little embarrasment but laughter can get u through. Other people can be serious for you. Different approaches make the world go round. Or maybe that's what I tell myself to rationalize my inappropriate laughter, lol!

  4. Stax.. keep laughing, because you know if it was me I would be right there on the ground laughing at (with?) you


  5. I would be like CQ, upset that it happened on "my watch," however if you could laugh at the situation who am I to say otherwise? I mightn't like it but it works for you, then that's the most important thing.

  6. @ Jaye - i think it must be the embarrassment - who knows...Anyhoo, we both need to keep laughing because u're right it helps gets us thru

    @Dion - yes i know u woulda be right there with me for sure - being supportive, of course ;-)

    @ Stefan - yeah boy, he rhelly wasn't laughing eh, but he came around as would u if u ever get in the situation