Friday, September 9

Walking up and Down the Steps

i prefer to walk up or down 5000 steps than walk on any incline - regardless of how steep.  it's just easier for me - i may take forever and of course it does a job on the legs but it's easier - in my perfect world, everywhere would be FLAT!  i've mentioned before that i live in a 3 story townhouse; if i could have seen into the future, we would have bought a flat house, but say wha.  Normally, when i go down, i'm down to stay and when i go back up, i'm up to stay - there's no climbing up and down the steps throughout the day.  My nightly routine is to put the next day's tablets in my bag when i'm up in my room because forgetting the pills (UPSTAIRS on the 3rd floor) is NOT an option especially since i work on the ground floor.

Well yesterday morning, G and I were making breakfast (kitchen is in the middle), my alarm went off to take the 8am pills and i took the "thursday" container out of my bag and placed them on the table.  I sat down to eat breakfast and she left for work.  I picked up the container to take the pills and at that point, i realized that it was empty - it was the Wednesday container.  UGH!!!  Funnily enuf, i'd had a nagging feeling of something not being right on my mind as she was walking out; if i'd only known then what i eventually found out, i would have asked her to go for the pills.  For a fleeting moment, i thought about leaving them upstairs and suffering thru the day, but good sense prevailed and i decided to make the trek up to my bedroom.

i think the trek UP the steps then back DOWN again and DOWN to my office took me about 10 mins - ugh!!  and of course i was shaky for most of the day after that.  MS SUCKS!

Of course this morning, she took a quick glance in the container to make sure that there were pills in it.


  1. my idea of a fire pole sounds better and better everyday huh...lmao


  2. I remember having to do the exact same thing...then we sold the condo! Good ridden s!

  3. i wish selling were easy in this market! who knows what will eventually happen