Monday, June 7

Infusion #1

it went well!  No horrible side effects, no horror stories - NOTHING!  whew!!  Actually, the infusion itself was supposed to take an hour...I, of course, was done in half hour but they assured me that wasn't anything to worry about.  They still kept me for observation afterward and I was a little woozy at the end but it was because i had taken 2 Tylenol PM Xtra Strenght before the procedure.

so I've mentioned before that i donate blood regularly and I've also mentioned how much I hate needles.  Everytime blood is taken from me, for whatever reason, i tell the nurse/attendant/whatever that they have ONE shot and that's it; no do-overs, 2nd chances NOTHING! and no-one ever has a problem....i've heard some horror stories about rolling veins and on Friday, the chick tells me that they are going to take blood and then set up the IV blah blah blah...I say okay and nothing else, she was a bit of a talker so i didn't want to encourage her; let's just get this shit started already!  She put on the torniquet, started tapping the vein and feeling around for it, stuck the needle in and NOTHING!  WTF??!?!?  the vein, as she put it, kept running away from  really???  and she started poking around, "trying to catch it"...i couldnt believe it...i should have threatened her like everyone else!!!  eventually, she had to ask someone else to do it because she never "caught" this time, i'm thinking i CANNOT do this again, so this one better get it right - she did and we started the process...

My Arm w/all the IV Tubing

I stayed in for the most part this weekend but I have noticed that either my body is trying to get used to this additional medication or something, but it almost seems as if the Tysabri is now negating what the Ampyra was doing.  I'm not dragging my feet but somehow i can't stay on my feet as long anymore.  UGH!  i called my doctor's office to talk about that and left a more to come


  1. Tried not to laugh cause it really isn't funny but couldn't help myself because of your description of your run away vein:-)

  2. Oh man! I hate the "rollers." Unfortunately, I can't talk shit about my veins because they suck and I swear they draw straws over who has to draw my blood every time. The worst one I ever had was for a blood draw that had to come from an artery or something deeper than a vein (I can't remember) and she couldn't get it because I was dehydrated. Well in her poking around (an inch UNDER my skin!) she hit a nerve with that needle and I about shot through the roof. That was the one time I told somebody, "You're done." I made her stop and no blood was drawn from me.

  3. U're kidding!!!! OMG!! i would have DIED on the spot!!!!!

  4. How funny... so today I had to go get some labs drawn and it made me think of you. He asked me which arm I wanted and I told him he could pick since my veins suck. He went on and on about how good he was at his job and yada yada yada. Well... I of course (being a cynic) was thinking, I'm going laugh my ass off when he misses.... but, I must say, I stand corrected. Dude was pretty damn good at his job. And surprisingly so-- he did a quick haphazard-looking jab and it was perfect and painless! Needless to say, I was impressed! Maybe I should send dude your direction?? ;)

  5. Next time send for auntie Roms, that I am good at. Stax you should be writing a BOOk.