Friday, November 27

The date was 5/19/2005...after confirming that it was MS, my doctor was anxious to get me started on treatment.  The earlier it is diagnosed, the earlier the treatment can start and the better off as a patient you are.  How extatic was I to find out that the only available options were shots - not the alcoholic kind; those I could handle (sorta) - no...i had to endure giving myself an injection everyday!  UGH!!! 

True Story:  As a child, i had no problems taking I got older and smarter, i hated it!  I remember being in Form 4 (5)? (for any non-Trini reading, that was 16 yrs old) one time and having to take a Yellow Fever shot...I held on to my teacher and cried like a BABY while the nurse was administering the shot! 

So is this woman telling me that i would have to read thru the pamphlets on the various treatments and we would talk further about which one i should go on. * about none???*  Unfortunately, at the end of it all, i ended up choosing the daily shot.  Of the 4 options available, it had the fewest side effects, it would be the best option if i ever decided to get pregnant and whilst it is a daily shot, there is no mixing/preparing the medication and it comes with an injector so i actually don't even see the needle till I'm done administering.

Around that time, i realized that i had been displaying/seeing/experiencing symptoms for up to at least 2 years prior.  Back in 2003, my vision just got blurry...i did a slew of tests and noone could find anything wrong.  I remember having a conversation with my personal doctor :-), Dr. Laurence and saying that i couldnt understand y anyone couldn't find anything wrong because I knew that obviously there was SOMETHING WRONG!!!  Eventually, my vision just corrected itself, and it became a thing in the past; one of those things that just happens and u move on. 

How was I supposed to deal with the fact that I had Multiple Sclerosis; no-one in my family has this, i din't know anyone with it, i wasn't sure what the next step was supposed to be...