Thursday, June 3


How could I forget...

G2's walk is this weekend...let's also wish her luck across the miles, oceans, continents etc :-) we go waaaaaaaaaay back; this is an old picture - i had hair!


  1. yeh man! and ah want you to walk all 50 miles eh! :)

  2. listen Ms Gib....i did it. all 50 efning miles. i had a blast tho so y'all definitely coming next year. injuries include 4 blisters that have been popped by podiatrist on site, couple of fire ant bites as i didnt care where i fell half the time. I did do alot of chipping (most of the times they were involuntary tho when the legs got but all in all, i had a blast. met alot of MS-er's on Tysarib and they were looking good and only had good things to say about it so wooohooo

  3. very good!!!! :) fire ants?! lol! Well, i am very, very proud of you! btw, next year, i doh care what the rules say, I walking with meh ipod and headphones eh! I will use just one side of the headphones, but I HAVE to have some music!