Thursday, June 3

Happy Times!

Had dinner with my fellow MSers last nite.  we had a really great time and it was good catching up with them - i haven't seen then since the end of the seminar.  We exchanged war stories of the past few months, laughed, they commented on my walking and just had an overall good time.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, my friends and family are the best at supporting me and making adjustments etc, based on my needs but there is nothing like talking to and swapping stories with other MS "sufferers".

Anyhoo...tomorrow is my 1st Tysabri infusion; I have to admit that I am extremely excited.  I am hopeful and staying very positive about what this treatment can do for me. 
  • The risk of the brain infection is in the back of my mind, but way way back; I'm not going to lose sleep over it.
I'm already enjoying NOT sticking myself fact i was supposed to be off of it for 2 weeks prior to the infusion, but i stopped it about 3/4 weeks ago :-).  I go in at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon and will be there for 3 hrs (pre-infusion work/infusion/monitoring) - honestly, i can think of a few better things to do for 3 hrs on a Friday afternoon - but hey!  I chose a Friday afternoon so that I have the weekend to recuperate if necessary.

Wish me luck (from across the miles, oceans, continents etc)!!!


  1. OMG I'm excited for you!! Let me know how it went... I want to hear all the juicy details so I know what I'm in store for. ;-)

  2. u know K...there really isn't much to tell. It went very smoothly; i hung out in my doctor's office for about 3 hours! they made me very comfortable...i sat in a recliner, there were blankets and pillows (I walked with the blanket that Biogen sent me - the medication is cooler than room temp so as it goes in, the possibility to get cold is there). The most agonizing part was waiting for observation for an hour afterward! so now it's just to wait and see what this drug does for me!