Monday, April 11

"You are a Nightmare"

That's what the nurse who told me about the port said to me last week Friday.  LOL!!!  She's an IV nurse; she normally gets it on her first try, but someone else usually has to call her over...Friday, they had to get 4 vials of blood for all the tests to be performed and as usual, the "molasses that flows thru my veins" had to be coaxed out -
  • i had to let my hand hang naturally
  • the needle had to be pushed in and drawn out (not all the way) a few times,
...and after all that, she didn't even get 3 full vials!  Steups!  By this time, the 1st chick was fed up (she knew i was also in pain), so she called over the IV nurse and as she walked over, she looked at me, sighed and said, "u really are a nightmare".  Of course that sparked ah set of jokes about their groaning on the Friday that they see me walk in, "oh geez, here comes Stacey - lemme pretend to be busy, someone else will get to her" etc. etc...

LOL!!  Who knew that the infusions could have turned out to be happy happy times :-)

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